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Aug 2, 2011 - Version 1.2 Supports WORLD WIDE MULTIPLAYER!

You can play ANYONE around the world, 24 hours a day! Its amazing how much fun this feature is!
Play Strangers (kid safe, no bad words, no cursing, no chat)!
Play your friends with your CUSTOM rule sets over the internet! AWESOME!
Thousands and thousands of matches are played each day! Even at 3AM! Amazing!
I thought I was a pretty good Farkle Player, but there are some amazing players out there!
You skool'd me! Ive been served! haha! Always a student in life. Always a student in FARKLE! YEA!

FARKLE ADDICT for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

What is Farkle?

Farkle is the name of the famous DICE GAME. Its very similar to Greed and Yahtzee. Because the game has a long history, and is played around the world, there are a large variety and variations to the rules. Once the basic rules are understood, trying out the new rules are a lot of fun!

What do you need to play?

You need an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. And to download the game on iTunes here..

How many people can play?

Farkle Addict supports up to 8 players, either human or computer. You can mix and match as you please. You can even set up the game to have all 8 players as the computer and watch them play.

Whats the OBJECTIVE?

The first player to reach 10,000 points or more wins the game. Again, there are many variations. You can play to 3,000 or 8,000 to shorten the game. Some people play to 10,000 or more, and some play to EXACTLY 10,000. It gets interesting!

How do you play Farkle?

The first player ROLLS all SIX dice. From these 6 dice, you generate a score based on the numbers..

THREE 2's score 200 points
THREE 3's score 300 points
THREE 4's score 400 points
THREE 5's score 500 points
THREE 6's score 600 points.
but THREE 1's score 1000 points
1 alone, scores 100 points
5 alone, scores 50 points

There are more scoring rules, but we will get to them later..
Once the player scores as much as he/she can on that roll, he/she has a choice..
1) BANK the score - Take the points, and give the dice to the next player.
2) Keep rolling the remaining DICE not yet scored with.

Why BANK, when you can keep on scoring?

Well, theres a catch. If you roll, and you can not score any points, you FARKLE!
When you FARKLE, you lose ALL the points gathered up on this turn. The dice then go to the next player.

The chances of FARKLEing when rolling all six dice is "rare".
The chances of FARKLEing when rolling only ONE die, is quite common!
If you happen to score with ALL your dice, you can grab all six and ROLL AGAIN!
You can keep doing this until you FARKLE or decide that enough is enough and BANK.
The first player who gets to 10,000 wins.


1 alone = 100
5 alone = 50
THREE of a KIND = (dice value)*100
eg. THREE 2's = (2)*100 = 200
eg. THREE 3's = (3)*100 = 300
eg. THREE 4's = (4)*100 = 400
eg. THREE 5's = (5)*100 = 500
eg. THREE 6's = (6)*100 = 600

SPECIAL: THREE 1's = 1000!!!


all the above plus..
SIX DICE STRAIGHT -1,2,3,4,5,6 = 1500 points
FIVE DICE STRAIGHT = 1,2,3,4,5 or 2,3,4,5,6 = 1000 points
THREE Pairs = 1,1 & 3,3 & 5,5 = 500 points

FOUR of a KIND = (dice value) * 200
FIVE of a KIND = (dice value) * 300
SIX of a KIND = (dice value) * 400


* EXACT WIN - you play to EXACTLY 10,000 and not over. If you roll, and can score OVER 10,000, you "farkle". You get no points and play goes to the next player.
* WELFARE - this uses the EXACT WIN rules, BUT, if you go over 10,000, the points on that turn go to the player with the lowest score. Get it, WELFARE.
* THREE ONE's. - Although many people score THREE 1's as 1000, there are some that score it as 300.
* ON THE BOARD - On the very first round for every player, you must get a certain score or higher to even BANK! Common scores are 100,300,500,750 and 1000.
* ONE MORE TURN TO WIN - Usually when the first person who hits the 10,000 is the winner and the game ends. But with this rule, EVERYONE is given ONE more turn to try to BEAT that players score. If they can not beat it with one more play, then the player with the highest score wins. IF someone beats the initial winner, everyone AGAIN gets one more round to beat that new players high score. This keeps going until no one can beat the high score in one more turn.
* FARKLE PENALTY - If you get THREE Farkles in a ROW, you are deducted 1000 points.
* FARKLE SIX BONUS - In this variation, if you can not score with a 6 dice roll, instead of FARKLing, you are GIVEN a 1000 points!
* SIX ONE INSTANT WIN - if you roll SIX 1's in a single throw, you instantly win.
* FORCED REROLL - if you score on all your dice, some players FORCE the player to roll again, and not have the option to BANK just yet.
* PIGGY BACKING/SCORE STEALING - Now this is probably the most interesting of rules.


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