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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Yip! October is BREAST CANCER Awareness month, but i think we should be aware of it everyday.

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Apple iOS Apps?

Apple seemed to have screwed up my app store.
They keep saying everything works, but apps are missing.
They dont even reply to my requests. What a nightmare.

We have found a work around to installing our iOS Apps.

How to Install our Apple iOS Apps!

If you know anyone at Apple that may be able to help. please contact me at robertsuh [at] gmail [dot] com

--rob "the bone head"

All Apps run in Apples latest iOS 11!

If you get an error saying the app wont run in iOS11 and needs to be updated, you just need to update our apps in the App Store!

1) Open the AppStore app
2) Click on UPDATEs in the bottom row
3) click on UPDATE ALL

Still having issues, just email me!


Daily Sudoku PDF pages!

I always played Sudoku, but always enjoyed it more on paper than on an app. We now generate free daily (actually every 4 hours) Sudoku PDF for you to print out and enjoy.
Grandma was visiting, and she loves to play Sudoku. Every morning, I made her coffee and printed out one of these Sudoku games. She told me they were awesome. But Grandma's always say everything you do is great.
You are not my Grandma, so send me some real feedback! hahahahaha!

Click here to download your FREE Daily Sudoku PDF page

You can come back every 4 hours, and click the link above. There will be a new free Sudoku puzzle every 4 hours, 24 hours a day.
As always, send me feedback. Too Easy? Too Hard?


Rock Paper Scissors
iMessage app!

Like i said before, iMessage apps are pretty darn cool. It makes playing games with your friends so much easier. So, we just released ROCK PAPER SCISSORS on the iMessage Store.!

Click to Download Rock Paper Scissors

Please try out the game with your friends, and let me know what you think of the iMessage interface. We plan on adding Farkle Addict and Yatzy Addict to the iMessage mix. So send me feedback on what you think.


iOS10 and Game Center

Whoa! im starting to get a ton of emails regarding Game CEnter for iOS10.. Where did it go? Apple removed the Game Center app out of iOS 10. They "moved" it into the Settings app. Open and scroll down to Game Center.

Remember if you get a Game CEnter error:2 or 6, just log out of Game Center and log back in. You generally get those Game Center errors when Apple upgrades the iOS version. Like NOW.


iOS10 and iMessages

iOS10 is here, and iMessages with all the cool effects is AWESOME! I noticed that one of my old phones didnt play my SLAM effects. Well here's how to fix it.

1) Completely Turn OFF your PHONE. Press and hold the power button for 7 seconds. Turn the phone back on
2) Go into Settings, and find iMessage. Click on it. and TURN OFF and TURN ON the app.
3) make sure that REDUCE MOTION is OFF. Settings->Accessibility. If this is on, all the fancy animation will be turned off.



Yatzy Addict is now on Android Devices Yatzy Addict - Google Play Ive been saying this for a while about how we are creating a new system for Farkle Addict and Yatzy Addict! Well here is the first part. Android versions of the game. Once we make the Android version rock solid, we will start bringing all the iOS and Android players together in network multiplayer!

So tell all your Android friends to download the Android version. The more players the better!
Please report any bugs you find, missing features, etc.
I want to get the Android versions super rock solid


Game Center and iOS9!

Wow!!! Apple really didnt test Game Center with iOS9. Which basically killed network multiplayer for a lot of us. if you google "ios9 game center", you can read all the fun. But with ios9.2 which they just released, things are looking better for some more people. If you are on the latest iOS version and are still getting issues, please contact me.

Im not a big fan of Game Center. I keep hoping that one day Apple will put some love into game center, but it never happens. it seems to get worse every year. So we are planning on moving away from Game Center. No more stupid disconnect issues. No more headaches.. Then comes TOURNAMENT EDITION!!! woohoo!


Game Center Issues?

The requested operation could not be completed because local player has not been authenticated.

This issue is easily fixed. Game Center thinks you are not LOGGED IN. its confused. or the app is confused.

1) LOG OUT of Game Center.
2) reboot your device (see below).
3) LOG BACK INTO game center.

you should be all ready to go.



Farkle Addict version 1.9 has just been released from Apple! this has the disconnect fixes!!



Yatzy Addict version 1.4 has just been released from Apple! this has the scoring fixes and disconnect fixes!!


UPDATE: bugs have been found, such as scoring and network instability

iOS8 Issues ARE FIXED!

Wow! Apple has FINALLY released our iOS8 fixes!
Im assuming there were a BUNCH of Developers who submitted updates to their apps to fix their iOS8 issues.. Apple was just probably backed up beyond belief.
Go to the App Store now, and UPDATE all our apps!

if you find any bugs, issues, etc, email me! I want everything fixed ASAP!


Cant Connect to Game Center?

There are TONS of players playing world wide network multiplayer, every hour of the day and night. Even at 3am! Since the new iOS7.0 update (Sept 20, 2013), it appears many people need to re-log back into Game Center.. Here are the steps..

  • go into the Game Center app. LOG OUT
  • REBOOT your device (read below on how to do that)
  • go back into the Game Center app. LOG IN
  • start playing the WORLD!!!!


    We have lots of requests for Android versions of our apps!

    CLICK HERE to get Android Versions

    If you, or your friends have Android devices, please download all our Android apps and perform some tests. Let us know if you find any bugs, issues, etc. There are SOOO many different Android devices that is hard to test them all. All bugs, issues, etc will be fixed ASAP!

    Is Apple Down?

    If you can not connect to players in Game Center, or have issues purchasing anything, it could be that the Apple servers are down. How can you check? jump to this link It shows every single Apple service, and if its been down. You can even go back a few days. Pretty cool. go check it out.

    iPhone/iPad running slow after iOS 6.0 update?

    If you are experiencing apps (any app) running slow, after you upgraded to iOS6.0, please perform a reboot (see below on how to do that).

    No Sound on your iPad?

    All of our apps have sound! So if you are experiencing NO SOUND, lets try a few things...

  • Make sure your volume is all the way up. Please just check, it solved many of you!

  • The physical switch on the side of your iPad can be configured as a MUTE switch or SCREEN ROTATION LOCK. Switch it to make sure you (or your wife/husband/little brother/sister) didnt change it.

  • And when all else fails, REBOOT! really, its amazing how many things are fixed with a simple reboot. Read below on how to perform a reboot!

  • iPhone/iPad apps just close out quickly?

    Now this is a strange one! one day your app works, then the next, they just flash for a second, and close out when you click on the app icon!
    from research on the internet, it seems the problem is related to the iTunes account authorization.

    TRY THIS FIX : go to the app store, and download ANY app! the App Store will ask for your iTunes password, and re-authorize all your apps. Be sure to use your proper iTunes account. You may ALSO want to completely LOG OUT of your iTunes account on your device, and then LOG BACK IN.

    So, what is heck is going on? why does it do this? It seems the problem MAY occur if you use MULTIPLE iTunes accounts, with your phones, iPads and computers. Or if you have changed your iTunes account. Each app you download is assigned authorization to a SPECIFIC iTunes account. When you open an app, it checks to see if YOU are authorized user (the one who ORIGINALLY downloaded the app). If you are not authorized to use the app, it will just close out quickly. So if you changed your iTunes account, the apps on your device do not match their previous authorization.
    Another theory, is that if you have multiple iOS devices, with DIFFERENT iTunes accounts, all syncing with a single/multiple computers, there is a chance that the authorizations get all mixed up. Again, try to download ANYTHING on the app store. And make sure it asks for your iTunes password!

    BINGO CLASSIC for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch


    My NEWEST Game!




    CONTACT ME! : robertsuh (at) gmail (dot) com (if you are on Apples iOS devices)

    CONTACT ME! : suhgaming (at) gmail (dot) com (if you are on ANDROID devices)

    If you like the apps, just email and say "nice app" or "good job".. it really does mean a lot to me.

    Need help with Game Center?

    Network World Wide Multiplayer with Farkle Addict is on fire! Thousands and thousands of games played each day! Even at 3AM! But there are those (a lot of you), who do not know what Game Center is, and you are missing out on a lot of fun.
    I wrote up a document to help those getting started with Game Center. Click here to find help with Game Center.
    If you have ANY questions on Game Center, please feel free to email me! Ill keep updating the Game Center help document. And ill help you in any way i can to get you hooked up.

    Problem with an App? (any app, not just mine)

    Rebooting your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad will solve 99% of all your app problems!
    After goofing around with the iPhone for so long, you just figure out these things. I thought that I would share!


    Since Apple devices starting Multitasking, this leaves apps running in the background. This means you will have less memory for the current app! When an App wants more memory and there is none left, it just closes out. aka CRASHES! Rebooting your device will clear out all open apps, and leave a TON of memory available for your app!

    Cool, How do I reboot my Device?

    Hold down the HOME BUTTON (that circle button on the front bottom) and the POWER switch (TOP of device, right hand side).
    Hold down BOTH of the above buttons for 10 seconds, until you see a "SLIDE TO POWER OFF" slider.
    Slide It off
    You will see that spinning thing for a second and the device will shut down completely.
    Turn the device back on by pressing and HOLDING down the POWER switch (TOP of device, right hand side) for 3 seconds.
    You will see the APPLE logo, as it boots up.
    if you didnt see the APPLE logo, you probably didnt shut it down completely. Try the steps above again
    Now you have TONS of memory, and all your apps magically work!
    Oh, does your iPhone seem faster now? Like when you first bought it? :) Try it!

    How to take a Picture of ANYTHING on your screen! (Screen Shot)

    Press the HOME BUTTON (the circle button on bottom front) + POWER SWITCH (top right)
    together at the same time, and release.
    You will hear a "camera snapshot" sound.
    your screen shot will be in your Photos
    Dont hold then down tooo long, or the device will ask you if you want to shutdown

    Click to DOWNLOAD all games!

    How to REDEEM Free Promo Codes

    Free Printable PDF Bingo Cards

    PDF FILE - Over 2000 Bingo Cards on 500 pages! Sequentially Numbered. a big 2.2MB file
    PDF FILE - 400 PINK colored Bingo Cards for Valentines Day! Free Valentines Day Bingo Cards.
    PDF FILE - No Color - Download FREE Bingo Cards as a PDF file. 64 Bingo Cards.
    PDF FILE - No Color - Download FREE Bingo Cards as a PDF file. 400 Bingo Cards, 100 pages!.
    PDF FILE - BINGO letters are colored! GREAT FOR KIDS! - Download FREE Bingo Cards as a PDF file. 64 Bingo Cards
    PDF FILE - 400 FREE Super Bowl BINGO Cards! PDF File..just print them and have fun!

    If you are hosting a HUGE Bingo Game, email me, and I can provide you with a UNIQUE series of Bingo Cards that no one has.

    Bingo Info

    The famous BINGO SONG! on YouTube
    How to Play Bingo
    Your own Bingo HALL at your Bar, Club, Restaurant, Home

    check out FARKLE ADDICT for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

    check out VIDEO POKER for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

    check out KENO 4 Card for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

    Single Player Bingo

    * Play up to 8 Bingo Cards at the same time!
    * Change the Caller Timer from 5 seconds to 30 seconds
    * Voice Call out! The game will call out the numbers!

    Multiplayer Bingo

    * Playing Bingo is fun with the entire Family!
    * Print out up to 16 MILLION unique bingo cards from the device
    * Use the "CALLER ONLY" mode in the game, and it will Voice Call Out each ball!
    * if someone calls Bingo, Click VERIFY BINGO, and enter the serial number on each card!
    * The game will display that card and will VERIFY if its a BINGO!
    * HUGE Buttons, so you don't accidentally hit the wrong button.

    TV OUT support!

    Connect your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch device to your Computer Monitor or TV, using the VGA Adaptor (recommended), Composite or Component connectors. Print out Bingo cards from the device, or download them here! Play with the entire family! * Each Bingo Card has a SERIAL Number over the LETTER N (see here).
    * If someone calls Bingo, Click "VERIFY BINGO" and enter this serial number. the game will VERIFY and show the card! EASY!

    CHOOSE from over 60 Different patterns to play

    * Standard ONE Line
    * Picnic Table
    * Layer Cake
    * Heart
    * and MANY MANY MORE!
    * If you do not see your favorite Bingo Pattern, let us know and we will add it!


    The iPhone will verify Your Bingo cards!



    How to Connect your iPhone,iPad, or iPod Touch to your TV, HD TV, Computer Monitor or Projector

    We love playing Bingo with the family! But not all family members own an iPhone or iPod Touch. Don't worry! You can play Bingo using the old fashion PAPER method! Bingo Classic will print out MILLIONS of unique Bingo Cards!
    Hook the iPhone to your TV and it will just call out the numbers! just like having your own BINGO HALL at your home!

    The Cables

    There are THREE different cables that will connect your iPhone,iPod Touch or iPad to a TV, HD TV , Computer Monitor or Projector. Which cable you need depends on which TV type you will be connecting to.


    This is by FAR the BEST quality connector to use. When using the VGA Adaptor with Bingo Classic, you can get a resolution of 1024x768. That means you get 1024 dots across, and 768 dots vertical. The dots do not smear. Dot (a pixel) for Dot, each dot comes out crystal clear with no smearing. The VGA Adaptor uses the 9 Pin D Shaped Connector found on nearly EVERY single PC/MAC computer Monitor. It is the standard plug for PC Computer Monitors. Many Business use Projectors use this VGA 9 Pin Adaptor, which is awesome. Nearly ALL NEW HD TV's have this 9 pin D-Shaped connector too!


    * BEST QUALITY at 1024x768 dot resolution

    * no color smearing.

    * Crystal Clear

    * Perfect for HD TV's, Computer Monitors, and Over head Projectors

    * Cheaper than the other 2..Priced at $32.00


    * Your TV, HD TV, or Projector needs to use the 9-PIN D shaped connector.

    * No way to recharge your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Since the connector takes up the slot. If you are playing a long time, your batteries may drain. But if you have multiple iPhones, you can just swap them out. Which is better, i think.

    * Older TV's may not have the 9-Pin D Shaped connector

    * You will also probably need a VGA Extension cable, unless you can keep your iPhone close to the TV or projector. But they are cheap and plenty. Its just a standard VGA Extension cable for any PC Monitor. Its all the same

    * Since the VGA Adaptor does not carry audio, you will need to use the HEAD PHONE Plugs to connect the AUDIO to your SOUND SYSTEM (speakers, stereo, tv audio plug).


    The COMPONENT connector connects to your TV using 5 (five) PLUGS! a RED, GREEN, BLUE, and LEFT Audio and RIght Audio. And also has a USB Connector for charging at the same time!


    * You can CHARGE your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad at the same time its connected to the TV!

    * Quality is not the super best, but still darn GOOD!

    * It has AUDIO Connectors, which the VGA Adator does not!


    * colors are not crystal clear, BUT STILL GOOD!

    * some color smearing, BUT STILL GOOD!

    * Damn expensive at $50! The VGA is way cheaper! What the Heck, APPLE!


    The connector plugs into your TV using 3 plugs. VIDEO (Yellow), LEFT AUDIO (White), and RIGHT AUDIO (RED). Nearly every single OLD TV, and NEW TV's. including HD TV's will support this connection. It was the standard and is still going pretty strong. The bad part is the quality of the picture. Not the best, but still good. We tuned the colors of the game to make sure it still looks great and ALL numbers are clearly readable. When we hooked this COMPOSITE Connector to a nice HD TV, it looked just as good as the COMPONENT connector.


    * You can CHARGE your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad at the same time its connected to the TV!

    * Nearly EVERY TV (even old ones) have this connector! Good to have, if going to a friends house.

    * It has AUDIO Connectors, which the VGA Adator does not!


    * colors are not crystal clear, BUT STILL GOOD!

    * some color smearing, BUT STILL GOOD!

    * Damn expensive at $50! The VGA is way cheaper! What the Heck, APPLE!

    Where to Get the VGA Adaptor, Component and Composite Cables

    Any Apple Store, Best Buy or Fry's Electronics will carry all these cables. You can buy them online at Amazon too. - VGA Connector $32.15

    AMAZON.COM - Component AV Cable $46.89

    AMAZON.COM - Composite AV Cable $49.00

    There are some Third Party Cables which are supposed to work,
    and are WAY CHEAPER

    Free Travel and Road-Trip Printable BINGO CARDS

    Here are a bunch of FREE Travel and Road Trip Bingo cards for your kids, family and friends!

    Fundraising for your school, club, fraternal organization, firestation