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Bingo is a very simple game, where players cover up squares on their bingo card when the number is called. If the player covers up the predetermined pattern on their card, they yell out BINGO! And win the prize.

The Bingo Balls

In classic American Bingo, there are 75 balls, grouped into 5 groups named B, I, N, G, and O. The groupings are not really necessary, but act as an aide to help you find the numbers on your cards. More on that in the next section.

the "B" group

The first group is the B group, and consists of the first 15 numbers, 1 through 15. All balls called from 1 to 15, will be called with a prefix B. For example, B-1, B-2, ... B-15.

the "I" group

the second group is the I group and consists of the next 15 numbers, 16-30. Again, all balls in this group will be prefixed with I. Exmaple: I-16, I-17, I-18.... I-30.

the "N" group

the third group is the N group. Numbers from 31-45.

the "G" group

the fourth group is the N group. Numbers from 46-60.

the "O" group

the last group is the N group. Numbers from 61-75.

The Bingo Flash board

The Bingo Flash board "records" which balls have previously been called, and other statistics. The five BINGO groups are used to aid in searching for numbers. The numbers are "flashed" onto the Flash Board as each ball number is called. The "NEXT BALL" up, will also be shown. This gives the players a head start on the next number. BUT, you are not allowed to yell "BINGO", until the balled has been CALLED. The Flashboard will also display the total number of balls called. As more balls are called, the more likely someone in going to call Bingo!

The Bingo Card

The Bingo Card is arranged in a 5x5 grid of squares, with the letters, B,I,N,G, and O on top of each column. Again, the BINGO letters are used to aide in searching for numbers on your cards. In the first column, will ONLY contain numbers in the B group, 1-15. The second column will only contain numbers in the I group, 16-30. the Third column will only contain numbers in the "N" group, 31-45. See the pattern? The number 7, which is in the B group, will ONLY ever be in the first column on ALL your cards!


In the middle of each bingo card, the word "FREE" is displayed. Thats like a JOKER, and its a free bee.

The Bingo Patterns

If you played Bingo as a kid, you may only recognize the simple 5 in a row pattern. 5 in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagnally. But as you play more and more Bingo, you start itching for variation! There are literally hundreds of different patterns to play.

The Bingo Caller

A person, computer, or iPhone picks out balls randomly and calls them out for all the players to hear and see.

Advanced Bingo

You can increase the speed which balls are called out, forcing you to scan your bingo cards much quicker. It is also more likely that you will forget to cover up number.

Play with more cards! You can play with as many cards as you like. If your Bingo Hall will not change the speed of the balls called, you can just buy more bingo cards.

Keeping your mind sharp!

BINGO CLASSIC for the iPhone, and iPad


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