KENO 4 Card Multi Card for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


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Now you can play the great and classic game of KENO 4 Card Multi Card, on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Devices! Four card Keno is played exactly like regular keno, except that you can play with 4 cards at the same time. This greatly speeds up the game of keno.

Just like Vegas!

We love Keno! and we play a lot of it. Four Card Keno is one of our favorites, along with Caveman Keno and Cleopatra Keno. No place else are you going to get the same feeling and play as in the casino!

Game Speed

Easily modify how fast the balls pop up from super slow to wicked fast.

Custom Pay Tables

Each casino changes their pay tables to benefit themselves. If they are in need of more money, they change the pay tables to pay less. These pay tables are changed by a central computer server, that can change the pay tables multiple times each day. Busy weekends generally pay less, and slower week days pay more. With Keno 4 Card Multi Play, you can change the pay tables to what ever you want! Match the same pay tables in your local casino to see if the patterns you are playing are optimal.

The Super Keno Shuffle Engine

As you may know the casinos are in it to win. The math dictates that the casino will give back between 80%-98% of your money. So for every dollar you put in, on average, you will get back from $0.80 to $0.98 cents back. Some players win lots, most lose. The casino always wins. Losing is no fun, so we implemented the same type of random number generator the casinos use to change pay outs. You can set the game to win all the time, all the way down to the true casino feel (lose more often). And everything in between. Your choice!

Change the Ball picking speed from slow to super fast!
Volume Controls on sound effects and background casino audio

Change the Random Number Generator, from a TRUE CASINO feel, to ALWAYS WIN.
And Everything in Between! Your choice!

Modify the pay tables any way you want! Match the pay tables at your local casino!

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