Apple Game Center FAQ, updated with iOS7 changes

How do you change your Game Center Name in ios7?

On iOS6.1 and below, you open the Game Center app, log into your account, view profile, and you can change the name there.
On iOS7.0+, they moved this to the Settings app.. Open Settings, Scroll down to Game Center, find your Game Center profile, and click on it.

About Game Center

Game Center comes FREE and preinstalled on all iOS Devices with version 4.2 or newer. Game Center lets you create an online profile, which allows you to play network multiplayer games, participate in leader boards, and achievements. Its created by Apple so that everyone has free access to it.

Link to Apple's Website telling you more about Game Center and requirements

How Do I know If i have Game Center installed?

Look on your device, you should see an icon that looks like this...
You can also go to SETTINGS->General->About and see what version of the iOS Operating System you have installed.
You need version 4.2 or newer.

Available Devices

1) iPod Touch - 4th Generation
2) iPod Touch - 3rd Generation
3) iPod Touch - 2nd Generation
4) iPhone 4
5) iPhone 3GS
6) iPad and iPad 2

Hum, i dont have the Icon, and my version is lower than 4.2. How do I get Game Center?

Connect your device to your PC/Mac and iTunes. iTunes should bring up a dialog asking you if you want to upgrade your device. As of Aug 3, 2011, the latest version should be version 4.3.5 or something like that.
If you have a really old device, like a first generation iPhone, then iTunes may not allow you to upgrade to the latest version. For instance, my first generation iPhone will only upgrade to iOS 3.1.3. So I can't get Game Center on that device.

Ok, I have Game Center, how do I create a new Game Center Account?

Game Center accounts are DIFFERENT than Apple ID's. the APPLE ID is what you use to download apps to your device. Please dont mix the two up.
Open Game Center
Click on the "ME" which is at the bottom left.
CLick on "Account : your email address"
It will ask you to VIEW ACCOUNT, SIGN OUT if you already have an account..or CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT

Once signed in to Game Center, you never have to sign in again. All apps which are Game Center supported will detect your account. If you signed out or never signed in, the App will ask you to sign into Game Center.

You will know if the App detected your account, since you will see a floating window come down from the top of the screen, which says "WELCOME , blahblah to Game Center". Or something like that.


If you are a developer, or a tester of a developer, or run developer apps on your device, i HIGHLY suggest you create a new email address and bind your new Game Center account to this email address. If you open a DEVELOPER build app using the Game Center Account, it will put the account into SAND BOX mode. Once in SAND BOX mode, that account can only see other people in SAND BOX, and not the rest of the world. I have not figured out how to get the account OUT of SAND BOX mode. I had to create entirely new accounts to play the rest of the world.
Apple even says it in their documentation, but who the heck reads anymore? :)

Multiple Accounts on the same email address?

Some people, some how, put multiple Game Center accounts on the same email address. That could have been on an older version of Game Center. Anyways.. how do you get access to those Accounts? Log in, it will say PERSON 1 is logged in. Then Log Out, and log in again. It will then say "PERSON 2" is logged in. Keep logging in and out, until the proper account comes through.

Adding Friends to your Friend List

The purpose of Game Center is to allow one app to maintain all your friends lists and Game Center passwords. Instead of having to entering in Friends into EVERY single game you have, you only do it once. Same with passwords. Only APPLE knows your Game Center password. I do not. Thats why you need to sign in to your account using the Game Center app.
So go to the Game Center app and edit all your friends in there.

Inviting Friends to Play

1) On your device, click on the "PLAY FRIENDS" button, in the Network Multiplayer Menu, in the Farkle Addict app.
2) A window will pop up with a list of your friends. Select a friend and invite.
3) Your friend, on their device, will get an INVITE request. They need to tap "ACCEPT"
4) If they do NOT get a request, have them make sure they have NOTIFICATIONS on. Its in the SETTINGS app. If notifications are OFF, they wont get the invitation.
5) Once they tap "Accept", your device will say its CONNECTED next to their name.
6) Hit the "PLAY NOW" button.. the game will start up.
7) Whatever RULE you have active will be the RULESET used. The game will transfer over your RuleSet to their device.

My Friend is not getting the INVITE! Help!

1) Be sure notifications are turned ON for both your device and theirs
2) Go into the iPhone/iPad Settings app.. theres a lot of things in there to check..
*) For iOS 5.0+ , Under NOTIFICATIONS. find GAME CENTER, make sure NOTIFICATION CENTER is ON. and do the same for other apps such as Farkle Addict and Yatzy Addict.

I need more help!

Still need more help? email me at robertsuh (at) gmail (dot) com. I dont care if you use my apps or not. Email me your questions. Ill figure it out, and post the results on this page.